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Other than the various SCA events we are not attending, is there anything interesting happening next weekend?
I'm feeling the need for some beach time. Or something.
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Yesterday was AMAZING. Hands down the prettiest wedding I have ever been to. The setting (Okaland's Mountain View Cemetery), the clothes (Victorian and Goth and everything else), the weather (sunny and cool), the food (Indian)... perfect.
And there are pictures to prove it. A few people have posted theirs on Facebook already but here is an outsider's view.
The fabulous red dress in the first picture is Marli. Not to be confused with the lovely bride, who was wearing a REALLY fabulous red dress.

A short run down of my personal good, bad and ugly.
The good-
I finished my hat and looked darn spiff, even if Marli thought I looked like Mary Poppins. Yeah, whatever. She was pretty bad ass.
Todd's boots came at the last possible minute and he looked darn spiff as well. Also looked like a sheriff watching out for bad guys all day. A little weird, but that's my guy.
Discovered I could walk up a much longer and steeper hill than expected, in a corset and heels, and survive. Who knew?
Staying in my corset for 12 hours without being uncomfortable was nice. So was taking it off. Ah, oxygen, how I missed you.
The party after the cemetery kicked us out. Don't know if the tiki bar expected a Victorian invasion. Way fun.
The bad-
Three hours of sleep Saturday morning. Not the best plan.
The ugly-
This morning's hangover, brought on by not drinking any water yesterday (at all) and not enough sleep. Oh, the booze might have had something to do with it as well. Ow. Crawling off to the couch now.
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It seems I accidentally created a riding habit. Not complaining about that, just a bit surprised.

The basque, aka the Jacket of Doom, is finally finished. The center-back box pleat has a tendency to splay open and stick up like the tail-fins on a '59 Cadillac, but as long as the points are symmetrical I'm not going to waste any more energy on it.

The skirt still needs knife pleats at the hem, both to dress it up a bit and cover the gap between the hem and the floor. Problem is, that gap only exists in the front and sides. The back touches the ground, even with the bustle.
Would it look weird if the back pleats dragged?

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On Sunday I will get out of bed only so I can crawl to the couch. Wouldn't even do that if our DVR would play in the bedroom.
On Sunday I will NOT lace myself into a corset. Have had to do that every day for more than a week and it is getting kind of old.

As usual, I am totally freaking tired from staying up too late every night working on the Victorian outfit. And time is running out so I can't slack off now.
*kicks self for being lazy earlier this month*

Saturday should be amazing and I am very happy for Owen and Maggie. And I can't wait for Sunday.  ;)

Oh Really?

Aug. 5th, 2010 12:01 pm
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It had to happen eventually.

I was working on my Victorian jacket and was wearing almost the whole outfit, with my hair in a high bun and my reading glasses on.
My dearest darling says I look like Granny. As in Sylvester and Tweety's Granny.


Well then.

Thinking on my feet for a change, I leaned into the sewing room and grabbed my parasol, then proceeded to (threaten to, anyway) beat him over the head with it, yelling "Bad kitty!".

*Now* I look like Granny. Don't screw with the Little Old Ladies, buster.

He's lucky I don't have access to Alexia Tarabotti's parasol. That might have been messy. ;)

sad face

Jul. 26th, 2010 10:14 am
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My family is in Lincoln City for a week. Ah, Oregon Coast, how I miss you!

I am at work where my micromanaging boss feels the need to repeat Every.Single.Thing at least six times. No, really, I counted.

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In about a month I am attending a wedding in a beautiful old cemetery. The theme is Victorian. There is no requirement to dress that way, but I couldn't stand the idea of not blending in with the cool kids.
One fake-and-bake Victorian coming right up. Thank the costuming gods for my corset and granny boot collection! At least *that* part isn't a concern.  ;)

My outfit is essentially a late 1880s walking dress with a slightly bustled skirt and a longish single breasted jacket. It is, of course, black on black on black.
I am planning to make a hat, one of the taller crowned of these-
So what should it be? More black on black (silk w/ velvet, or velvet w/ silk)? Should it be another color entirely? I have copper and bronze 'silk' saris that could be sacrificed but there is nothing to tie those colors in with the jacket and skirt.

What do y'all think?

The jacket is black wool trimmed with black velvet, the skirt is black cotton twill.
Will it look too weird if I add a more visually interesting over-skirt over the relatively dull cotton? Silk saris come to mind, as does the black and gold chenille brocade I've been hoarding. Or would that read as middle class with pretentious bad taste?
Unfortunately that's the best way I can think of to add a *big* chunk of color.
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First, a short movie review.
Saw "Despicable Me" yesterday. Much laughter from the adults. We drowned out the kids, actually.
Bomb beds and bipedal glow sticks, anyone?

Now, the usual sewing blarg.
Got caught up in the excitement and was talked into making a 1880s bustle dress for a wedding I'm attending in 5 weeks. Eep! All I have is a corset, boots and a hat and would need to make everything else. And it would have to look fabu, of course.
Once away from the crazy enthusiastic friends I had a long, hard look at my finances. No new dress. I'll stick to the original, bride-approved  plan and alter the nasty fake taffeta dress I already have.
Not my wedding, don't have to be a fashion snob all the time. Well, I kind of do, but that is my problem.

Read attack_laurel's rant about snarks this morning.
I am as guilty of fashion snarks as anyone. Am learning to at least keep the volume down. *hangs head in shame*

Mostly her rant reminded me of something I'd kind of forgotten.
I LOVE playing dress up. Dressing up in stuff that *might* (maybe, on a really good day...) let me get by unnoticed (for a couple seconds) if a wormhole sends me to 16thC Germany is tons of fun but isn't the point of the SCA for me.
Having everything a particular outfit needs to be complete unto itself is what drives me. Even if I'm dressing as a steampunk witch, you had better bet some thought went into every detail and things that had to be left out were sorely missed. Yeah, I'm a bit of a detail dork. (See why the bustle dress would be a hell-project?)
More often than not these carefully thought out costumes go in a box, not to be seen again for years. That is so very, very wrong.
With that in mind, I am tempted to break out my old gypsy clothes for 12th Night. Period? Oh hell no. Fabulous? Heck yes!
Will I do it? Probably not*. There are always more Germans to make.

*Well, maybe...  ;)
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The new saris are in. I'm almost afraid to look.
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I was digging around in the sewing room and found a chunk of lace that would be perfect for a Gothic choker.
The problem is, it is pretty soft and floppy and I'm afraid it would stretch itself to bits on the first wearing.
Is there a way to stabilize it?

It looks a bit like this-
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No, really, I am!

Work has been a bitch. But it exists and that is a Good Thing.

I miss everyone very much. In September I might be able to go to FP again. Meanwhile we are planning to attend the event next weekend.

Vacation week rocked. There was much sleep. Aaahhhhhhh.........
Beach was lovely. No wind. None. In Oregon?!? Weird but we were all ok with it. ;-)
Todd and I took my 12 and 8 year old nephews to see GI Joe. Who knew the oldest was a budding film critic? :)
I kept thinking how much y'all would have enjoyed hanging on the beach and doing NOTHING for a while. Pure bliss.
Water was oddly 'warm' (aka not quite freezing). Which led to the not so ok news...
A 12' Great White Shark was caught not far from where everyone had been swimming. Ok, maybe *that* shark was no longer a threat but there were belated reports of sightings all along the coast. EEP!

Relaxed vibe was partially wrecked by news of the BART strike. I don't have a telecommuting kind of job. Hope the bus can get me into SF in a timely manner. *sigh*

bah humbug

Jun. 8th, 2009 11:27 am
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No W/A War for us this summer. That gas money could be put to better use.
We're day tripping Crown but Conall is not fighting in the list.

Once I get a job we'll be active again. Until then, not so much.

happy feet

May. 29th, 2009 04:01 pm
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The shoes I ordered yesterday arrived. And they are totally cute. And fit. And are comfy.
Zappos rocks.

Star Trek

May. 8th, 2009 08:37 am
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A bunch of us saw it last night and gave it a unanimous WOOHOO!!!!!!!
If you like Trek at all, go see it. It was the most fun I've had at the movies in ages.

The casting was excellent, the visuals were amazing and the writing was decent. Familiar one liners were used to much cheering from the audience.
Nero needed more back story. Really, that's my only complaint.

Hopefully someone with better writing skills will review it here soon. I can't do it justice.
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I am down to one sleeve pin. Akk!
Historic Enterprises is out of sleeve pins. Will their veil pins work or are they too flimsy?
Obviously I can safety-pin my sleeves on but would rather not. What else could I use?

Help me LJ!
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This morning the dreaded email arrived. finally has new stock listed.
I was good and only bought two.

ETA: The saris arrived! Payed for standard shipping and it only took two days.
The kota/bandhni has big taupe diamonds in the body that were not visible in the pics but they add just the right contrast to cool down the orange and red. I think it needs a bright blue choli.
The 7.25yd Karnataka is heavy and gorgeous. The body is so finely checked it almost vibrates, and as advertised, the red and white palu glows.
So glad the sun will still be out when I get home this evening so I can see what they *really* look like.
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Crown was fun.
Conall was out early so I stopped paying attention to the fighting but there didn't seem to be much foo. Thank goodness!


It was nice to spend a relaxed weekend with friends.
Sadly, we were asked not to play obscene charades during Ysa's poerty performance.
Germans folk seemed to be everywhere. The kingdom may be trending toward later period clothes again.
The idea of Etain's new wulsthaube and steuchlein, fabulous as they were, upstaging her beautiful new dress astounds me. See what happens when you are already known for having nice clothes? Add one new detail and that's all anyone notices.

I wore Scarlet, the Dress from Heck, for the first time. Ouch. So many things need to be changed. My shoulders are bruised.
But it received lots of compliments so I must have done something right.

Excellent dinner Saturday. Ysa's pasta salad was my favorite but Chani's never ending vat o' stew was pretty amazing.

Two kinds of cake!

Sunday was laid back. Maybe too laid back. I may have agreed to teach a wusthaube and steuchlein class at Fall Collegium.
We dithered so long we were rained on while packing. That part wasn't so much fun.

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