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In about a month I am attending a wedding in a beautiful old cemetery. The theme is Victorian. There is no requirement to dress that way, but I couldn't stand the idea of not blending in with the cool kids.
One fake-and-bake Victorian coming right up. Thank the costuming gods for my corset and granny boot collection! At least *that* part isn't a concern.  ;)

My outfit is essentially a late 1880s walking dress with a slightly bustled skirt and a longish single breasted jacket. It is, of course, black on black on black.
I am planning to make a hat, one of the taller crowned of these-
So what should it be? More black on black (silk w/ velvet, or velvet w/ silk)? Should it be another color entirely? I have copper and bronze 'silk' saris that could be sacrificed but there is nothing to tie those colors in with the jacket and skirt.

What do y'all think?

The jacket is black wool trimmed with black velvet, the skirt is black cotton twill.
Will it look too weird if I add a more visually interesting over-skirt over the relatively dull cotton? Silk saris come to mind, as does the black and gold chenille brocade I've been hoarding. Or would that read as middle class with pretentious bad taste?
Unfortunately that's the best way I can think of to add a *big* chunk of color.
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