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Walking down the hall at work today I saw a sign on a door reading "Please Do Not Use- Door Is Broken".
The door in question is sideways, propped against the wall. How one might go about using it is beyond me, but you never know...
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All right , Hive-mind. Let's try this again.

What if Saucy Trossfrau / landskachick got an upgrade to deep red wool guarded with gold-ish brocade?
Dressy enough for ya?
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Dearest LJ Hive-mind, I am stuck. I can't decide which German dress to make for Crown.

The choices are
well dressed trossfrau / Bürgerin (townswoman)- red/brown wool with black velveteen guarding and a shiny gold brustfleck 
saucy trossfrau (Landskachick)- rough textured but very pretty dark red wool with, um... (something dark) guarding  (perfect for the Sat PM party)
what, this old thing?- re-built green front-lacing Saxon gown I've had for years but is still gorgeous

Opinions? Snarky comments?
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I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Weird. relaxing, stressful, fun and slightly agonizing.

Friday- Defiance was better than I expected. Was also longer than expected. Ow. Unhappy hip.

Saturday- Couch time.
I'm sorry for standing my friends up. The need for physical and mental down time outweighed the need for fun. Lesson of the day: I need to not commit to things and/or cancel early. I may also need a new hip. Ok, it isn't even close to that bad but this new ache isn't fun either. 
BoY went to Angel poker party and I watched BSG and Dark Knight with the roomie and his wonderful Jes. BSG=WTF?!

Sunday- BoY made breakfast (bacon!) around noon and I was horizontal most of the day again. There was also laundry and some anime Hellsing.

This morning I did the Tarot quiz and can't for the life of me get it to link correctly. I'm the Moon, btw.
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Yesterday Ysabella, Eireannach and I went to the Asian Art Museum to see the Afghanistan exhibit.
It is there two more weeks. See it if you can.
The beauty of the artifacts and the obvious skill that went into making them is awe inspiring.
The thought that such a rare collection seems to be safer on the road than at home is heartbreaking.

Eventually we went upstairs to see the permanent South Asian exhibit.
Before the escalator reached the third floor I was all smiles. Several beautiful Ganesh statues were there to greet us, the most appropriate guardian of that doorway imaginable.
Through that door was a garden of gods. The room was full of grace and peace. And naked hotties. Well, it was the Hindu pantheon after all.
Right about then I started feeling like a total idiot. I've been studying Indian costume for several years now and the ultimate research tool had always been less than an hour away. And on my first visit I hadn't even brought a camera. D'oh!

We followed the Buddha through Asia. Ysa pointed out the farther we were from India the more clothes he was wearing. 
Cultures I expected to have no interest in were worth a second (or third) look. There will be many more visits.
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Time to start planning the German/Swiss. Finally.*&query=+xdbpics%3Aalle%20+r1a_name%3A'G*'%20%20+r1a_name%3A%22graf,%20urs%20(der%20aeltere)%22&no=1&count=50&sort=no&rid=2
My inspiration is 5th from the left

How the heck would something like that stay on? How could I replicate that look w/o effectively binding my arms to my sides? Seeing as it would lead to me trashing my shoulder, designing it so I can't move my arms doesn't sound like a good plan.

Help me , LJ hive mind!
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Conall's clothes were a hit. Many thanks to Eireannach, Etain, Vincent, Owen, Sabine and Elizabeth.
Without your help/advice/hard work he would have received his Pel naked. You did a great service to the Kingdom.  ;)

The coat was loved by all. Owen did an amazing job.
The boots... OMG. Want my own pair. Vincent rocks.

The hotel was interesting. It was nice to have the place to ourselves.
The covered walkways were icy wind tunnels but anywhere the sun was shining was warm enough. Considering what I was wearing that's saying something.

Much to my relief, flouncing around in a sari did not result in frost bite. I was a bit worried about that but none of the Glittering Horde seemed to suffer *too* much.
Her Highness looked great. Not that it was ever in doubt. :)
My braid was some kind of human/cat toy. I wish I could have seen what the tassel was doing that was so fascinating. The weight only became a problem until later in the day when I somehow stepped on it. Ow.

Ran out of gas and went to bed early Saturday. Missed all the fun.


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All of Conall's stuff is done. And all the bits look good, too. Can I get a Hallelujah?

My friends have clothes. Or they will once they get to site. I'm looking at you, Elizabeth. ;-)

I do not have clothes. Yet. Tomorrow I'll refit a choli and call it good. Ysa, please forgive me for not using the killer pattern you made. There just wasn't time. :-(
I have a cold that caused me to miss two days of work. I would have spent them sewing but was/am actually sick. Phooey. Took OTC drugs so I could be at the office today and now my head is full of lead cotton balls. But I am upright and that is all that matters here in work-land. Thank the appropriate deities the office is mostly empty and we can leave two hours early.
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This morning the admins gave everyone caramel apples... covered with candy sprinkles.
I suspect it is worth around 90 million points, give or take, and so far it is still untouched.
But I'm getting hungry. And I LOVE caramel.
Time to abandon this evil thing in the break room.
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Ysabella draped me for a supportive closed-backed choli last night. The last big piece of 12thN prep is finally under way. Thanks Ysa!

The office Flavia coffee machine is my special friend. One shot of espresso and a chai late *just* fit in my cup. Yummy caffeinated goodness makes work mornings bearable.
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Lazy yet productive weekend.

Saturday was dedicated to the fine art of frustration, body alteration and cleaning.
Otherwise known as still trying to figure out that blasted 9 yard wrap, forcing almost too small bangles over my right hand and scrubbing all my jewelry.
The good news is the knuckle may not bruise visibly after all and my bling is presentable. The bad news is I still don't know what to do with all that fabric but it sure is pretty.

Sunday Syele and I dragged Ysabella to University Ave for shopping and yummy Indian food.
S. scored some lovely jewelry. Beware our Princess and her sparkling bracelets of doom!  :-)
I bought a nice pair of carved silver bangles but need another pair to properly bookend the gold set that bruised my hand. It is a shine vs. luster thing. Drat. Honey? Remember how I said I only wanted those two books for XMas...?
Much to my surprise, I only went over my budget by $0.54.

Did a full dress rehearsal with S. last night. Unsurprisingly, she looked great. It was nice to see all the diverse bits and pieces come together for the first time.

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I don't mind sharing my stuff. But when the share-ee doesn't ask...?  ;-(
When the share-ee is sick? Even worse.

Dude, you have every right to spend the day sick and miserable on your couch, but for the love of puppies, get a blanket off your bed.
Do Not use my favorite snugly wrap, then fold it up and put it back as though you'd never touched it.
No, really.
Common sense. Get you some.

The Big Red X takes a dim view of employee sick days. Apparently we're supposed to be robots with 100% up-time.
In the current economy I really don't want to be on my boss' bad side.

GWW 2009

Dec. 3rd, 2008 12:46 pm
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Anyone know the dates?
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That's Conall's description of last night's hair style experiment.
I was trying out my 12th Night braids, which had to be bigger and better than anything else I've done so far. 'Cause I'm a dork that way.

If something is worth doing it is worth over doing, right? Um... maybe not.
There has to be a happy medium somewhere between "Ohmygodthatlooksamzaing!" and "Ow!thathurts".

Rapunzel would have had constant headaches and a neck like a bull.


Nov. 14th, 2008 11:10 am
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Dear idiot,

I am not a three year old, nor am I an errant puppy.
There is absolutely no need to be such a jerk when you hand off something to be shipped. 
Being a pompous ass when I ask if I can help you, then asking me, in a sincerely dubious tone, 'can you handle it?' is a bit much.
Especially when all you need is to send a letter via UPS. Of course I can 'handle it'. That is part of my job.
So is being polite to my co-workers. Obviously that is not part of your job.
Get a clue.

The Xeroid who really wants to punch you.
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Today we're playing my favorite game- Observation.
As in, will anyone at work notice I'm wearing fangs with my otherwise normal clothes? And will they say anything?

One of the admins flitted by a few minutes ago in pink fairy wings and fuzzy antenna. And we're having a pumpkin carving contest later on.
So much for the corporate decision to ignore the holiday.    :-)
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Last night at fighter practice I got the perfect wool for my March Crown German/Swiss. Joy!
Thank you Etain!

I did not waltz around the house with it. But I wanted to.
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