Aug. 15th, 2010

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Yesterday was AMAZING. Hands down the prettiest wedding I have ever been to. The setting (Okaland's Mountain View Cemetery), the clothes (Victorian and Goth and everything else), the weather (sunny and cool), the food (Indian)... perfect.
And there are pictures to prove it. A few people have posted theirs on Facebook already but here is an outsider's view.
The fabulous red dress in the first picture is Marli. Not to be confused with the lovely bride, who was wearing a REALLY fabulous red dress.

A short run down of my personal good, bad and ugly.
The good-
I finished my hat and looked darn spiff, even if Marli thought I looked like Mary Poppins. Yeah, whatever. She was pretty bad ass.
Todd's boots came at the last possible minute and he looked darn spiff as well. Also looked like a sheriff watching out for bad guys all day. A little weird, but that's my guy.
Discovered I could walk up a much longer and steeper hill than expected, in a corset and heels, and survive. Who knew?
Staying in my corset for 12 hours without being uncomfortable was nice. So was taking it off. Ah, oxygen, how I missed you.
The party after the cemetery kicked us out. Don't know if the tiki bar expected a Victorian invasion. Way fun.
The bad-
Three hours of sleep Saturday morning. Not the best plan.
The ugly-
This morning's hangover, brought on by not drinking any water yesterday (at all) and not enough sleep. Oh, the booze might have had something to do with it as well. Ow. Crawling off to the couch now.


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