Aug. 16th, 2009

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No, really, I am!

Work has been a bitch. But it exists and that is a Good Thing.

I miss everyone very much. In September I might be able to go to FP again. Meanwhile we are planning to attend the event next weekend.

Vacation week rocked. There was much sleep. Aaahhhhhhh.........
Beach was lovely. No wind. None. In Oregon?!? Weird but we were all ok with it. ;-)
Todd and I took my 12 and 8 year old nephews to see GI Joe. Who knew the oldest was a budding film critic? :)
I kept thinking how much y'all would have enjoyed hanging on the beach and doing NOTHING for a while. Pure bliss.
Water was oddly 'warm' (aka not quite freezing). Which led to the not so ok news...
A 12' Great White Shark was caught not far from where everyone had been swimming. Ok, maybe *that* shark was no longer a threat but there were belated reports of sightings all along the coast. EEP!

Relaxed vibe was partially wrecked by news of the BART strike. I don't have a telecommuting kind of job. Hope the bus can get me into SF in a timely manner. *sigh*


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