Mar. 23rd, 2009

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Crown was fun.
Conall was out early so I stopped paying attention to the fighting but there didn't seem to be much foo. Thank goodness!


It was nice to spend a relaxed weekend with friends.
Sadly, we were asked not to play obscene charades during Ysa's poerty performance.
Germans folk seemed to be everywhere. The kingdom may be trending toward later period clothes again.
The idea of Etain's new wulsthaube and steuchlein, fabulous as they were, upstaging her beautiful new dress astounds me. See what happens when you are already known for having nice clothes? Add one new detail and that's all anyone notices.

I wore Scarlet, the Dress from Heck, for the first time. Ouch. So many things need to be changed. My shoulders are bruised.
But it received lots of compliments so I must have done something right.

Excellent dinner Saturday. Ysa's pasta salad was my favorite but Chani's never ending vat o' stew was pretty amazing.

Two kinds of cake!

Sunday was laid back. Maybe too laid back. I may have agreed to teach a wusthaube and steuchlein class at Fall Collegium.
We dithered so long we were rained on while packing. That part wasn't so much fun.


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